We Bring the Festival to You

The Festival’s mission is

To encourage students of all ages, regardless of background and experience, to take a greater interest in STEM with the hope they will pursue a STEM based job or career.

The Festival is a showcase for the State’s Organizations and Businesses to display their STEM successes.   The Festival hopes to create a Culture of STEM and to bring all Marylanders together under the umbrella of STEM.   Where ever you are in Maryland, there will be a Festival event near you.

What is STEM?

The Planning Committee and Advisory Board of the Maryland STEM Festival thinks of STEM very broadly. The importance of engineering, the sciences, and mathematics is undeniable.

In the 21st century, we are surrounded every day with a vast range of technological advancements. The pace and range of this new technology is changing the way we live our day-to-day lives.

In this new age, technology ties STEM together: from your smartphone & website design, to sharing teaching materials & technical research, and even to the art we enjoy every day.

The Festival is going to spotlight an area of STEM each year.  This year we are spotlighting Agriculture and Food Production.  It is an often overlook area in the STEM world.  Many people don’t think about the enormous influence that STEM has on agriculture.  STEM careers agriculture include


  • plant scientists find ways to improve yields, increase disease resistance and reduce water requirements for crops such as wheat, soy, corn and cotton.
  • Engineers improve the efficiency of farm machinery, design structures for vertical urban agriculture and soil-free farming.
  • Food scientists experiment with new types of foods, entomologists will be looking at new ways to protect food, fuel and fiber crops from pests.
  • Animal scientists and veterinarians find ways to increase food production while maintaining animal health and safety and environmental sustainability.
  • Technicians build, run, monitor, maintain and collect data on agricultural systems of all kinds.[1]


We are opening the Festival with STEM and Agriculture Summit at the Maryland Fairgrounds in Timonium on October 31st.  The Event will consist of two discussion panels and many booths display agriculture uses of and reliance on STEM.  We are expecting participation from the US Department of Agriculture, Maryland Department of Agriculture,  and Maryland College of Agriculture.


We closing the Festival enjoying the results of STEM and Agriculture at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market on November 12th.    6,000 pass through the Market on a typical Sunday.  We will have speakers and booths as we wrap up another successful Festival.

[1] http://www.journal-advocate.com/ci_20551139/fitzpatrick-stem-and-future-agriculture

We Will Inspire the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

With the encouragement of STEM jobs, the development of STEM education, and the inspiration of our students, we will give Maryland a vibrant STEM economy to make us a national leader in the 21st century economy.

Our logo was created by Ashleigh Kilgour, a student at Stevenson University.

Ashleigh was one of over 15 applicants who submitted multiple designs for consideration. Her design was chosen because it embodied the sentiment that STEM is within the person. The colors of the 2015 Maryland STEM Festival represent the diversity in design and color of the Maryland state flag.

The 2017 Team

The Maryland STEM Festival Planning Committee consists of members from diverse STEM organizations across the state:

Phil Rogofsky

Bill Duncan

Jannette O’Neill-Gonzalez

Brittany Lassiter
Prince George’s County Parks and Rec

Jess Rowell
Founder, STEMJourneys.org

Dr. Meredith Durmowicz
Stevenson University

Tanesha Boldin
Girls and STEM

The 2017 Advisory Board

Penny Cantwell
Education & Workforce Development Chair
Ft. Meade Alliance

Hans Reimer
Montgomery County Council

Jeffrey Griffin
Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism

Dr. Karen B. Salmon


Maryland State Department of Education

Chris Scolese
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Joe Coughlin
Senior Director

Anita Anderson
Executive Director, Leadership Maryland Workshop

Dr. Angela Moran
Director of the STEM Center for Education & Outreach
US Naval Academy

Dr. Victor McCrary
Vice President for Research & Economic Development
Morgan State University

Jamie Semple
Senior Director

Dr. Jeffrey Isaacson
President & CEO
Universities Space Research Association

Zulma Whiteford
STEM Chair
St. Louis School, Discovery Education Network Leadership Council

Valerie Gross
Maryland Association Public Library Administrator

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