Open for Business

As our Dept of Commerce says”We are Open for Business”.  We are now accepting submissions for our 2018 Maryland STEM Festival events.  Submit your event on our host page and shortly it will join the Ag and STEM Summit on our website!   Get on our site early as for maximum exposure to

USA S&EF equals success!!

The USA Science and Engineering Festival was a great success for the Maryland STEM Festival .  Over 200 students tried the demo  of our game Agromoics.  The responses from both parents and students were overwhelming positive.  We made connections with numerous organizations and individuals who w

Ira Flatow

Today, I attended the second day of the US News STEM Solution Conference “Workforce of Tomorrow “at the DC Convention Center.   My highlight was meeting Ira Flatow of Science Friday.  He was inducted to US News STEM Leadership Hall of Fame.  I cannot remember when I started listen