Become a Host

It’s easy and it’s fun. Almost any organization can host any event! Just run an event that focuses on explaining or showing the joy of an Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics element.

We Bring the Festival to You

Organizations, school districts, individuals, and businesses throughout Maryland are encouraged to register STEM events and become Event Hosts.

Each Maryland STEM Festival (MSF) Host is responsible for planning & executing the registered event including the format and content of the event. Interactive, hands-on events designed to engage the audience, are encouraged. Qualified events may include previously conducted events offered during the MSF time period, October 31st through November 12, 2017.

  • Event should be located in Maryland or, if an online event, designed for a Maryland audience.
  • Event must occur during the designated MSF week. Events that begin prior to the MSF time frame but culminate during the MSF week are also acceptable.
  • Events should be, to the extent possible, interactive & hands-on events designed to engage the audience.
  • Event should be free and accessible to the public. Nominal admission fees may be acceptable for non-profits whose admission fee is the main source of revenue. Other exceptions must be approved in advance.
  • Event needs to include one or more of the STEM fields as a significant component
  • Host accepts responsibility for the event, including cost, organization, content, staffing, etc.
  • Hosts agree to register & promote the event as an official MSF event an include the MSF logo in all advertising & promotional signage associated with the registered event.
  • Hosts are encouraged to provide attendees with opportunities to further pursue knowledge about the event topic.

What we do for you

Increase the reach of your program.

By joining the Festival, you are joining a statewide network of STEM program providers, supporters, and connections that will only continue to grow each year. We serve as an advocate and hub, connecting all of these into a unified effort to promote and increase interest in STEM throughout the state.

  • MSF logos, letterhead and templates will be sent electronically.
  • The event will be published in a printed MSF program.
  • The event will be promoted using advertising in local newspapers, in advance of the designated week, paid for by the MSF. Events must be submitted and registered by September 14, 2016 to be included in the program and paid advertising.
  • A promotional package, containing marketing materials, will be available to each event host. There will be several pick-up events taking place throughout Maryland for hosts to receive the promotional packages. Mailing arrangements may be possible if a host is unable to attend the pick-up.
  • An event blueprint intended to assist in event planning and implementation will be posted on the MSF website on June 30, 2016.

Register Your Event

Submissions must be in by Sept. 20 to be included in the published program.