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2022 Event Photos

2022 Photos

AMS No 1
Blue Collar MSB No 2
Boys and Girls Club
Crypto Museum No 1
Cyber Defender Day 2022
Deconstruction for MD STEM Fest 2023
Digital Divide No 2
East Shore
Eastport-Annapolis Neck Library AACPL Staff in MSF shirts - October 2022
Edgewater Library AACPL - Blastoff November 2022 (4)
Edgewater Library AACPL - Family STEM Night October 2022 (1)
eGames No 1
Game jam 6
Girl Scout Bowie No 1
Girl Scout Bowie No 2
Katey Howes Be A Maker_1
Katey Howes Be A Maker_7
Lyon Mills No 2
Magic Capture the Flag 2
Mid Shore FestivalNo 1
MISI event
Parade Frederick Post No 3
Parade Frederick Post No 4
PG No 2
PG No 3
PG No 4
Pop Up STEM no 1
RBES Eric Energy
RBES Music
Spook event No 1
STEMcx No 2
STEMcx No 3
Talbot Communit STEM Day No 2
WIE No 2
WIE No 4
Willow Stem Project
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The Maryland STEM festival is a month-long celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics designed to advance STEM education. Students have the opportunity to experience engineering, mathematics, science, and technology at work through curriculum provided by regional schools, colleges, and corporations. All events are focused on advancing math and science and encouring students to pursue STEM careers.