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STEM is For Girls, Too!!!

Start Date of Event: 10/18/2020

Event Times: 1:00 - 2: 00pm

Archi Marrapu, Founder of StemifyGirls, will provide a 30 minute tech talk followed by Q & A for students in grades K-12. Archi Marrapu is a middle schooler and possesses great leadership qualities in her. She passionately engages in research at the intersection of medicine and computer science. As a STEM advocate, she volunteers to educate the importance of STEM in girls to close the gender gap in STEM fields. She observed that STEM is not diversified and there is a misconception among people that it is not for the girls/women. As a changemaker of this generation, she encourages STEM literacy to all the young girls and women in our communities. The purpose of the program is to discuss the importance of STEM and the promotion of girls in STEM. Public speaking about STEM importance for girls and young women. Archi is passionate about Artificial technology and can help girls understand AI basics and help them understand the role of AI in the future.

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Science and Society

Best for: High School, Middle School

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Organization: Maryland STEM Festival
Contact Name: Phil Rogofsky
Phone: 4106271074
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County: Statewide (Maryland)

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Is the Event Free? Yes

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Start Date: 2020-10-18

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