The 2021 Maryland STEM Festival is a wrap!

The Great STEM Expo

Date of Event: 11/09/2019

Event Times:  Saturday November 9th 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Description: An event for all ages to engage in STEM+ activities through hands on exploration. Guests will have the chance to create and explore geographical terrains thorugh augmented reality, immerse themselves in the "local neighborhood" within an interactive star field and explore the vastness of our own solar system by taking a scaled walking tour down the main hall. Other activities include simulating meteorite impacts on planetary bodies, modeling the effects of a black hole and designing their own galaxy. Engineering opportunties includef designing paper coasters, Lego free builds, Lego challenges, Kinex rollercoasters and designing and lauching paper rockets and paper airplanes! Creativity will be on display through the inclusion of the arts to create model galaxies, water color space scapes and planetary laterns. The NeXus Lab will be demostrating 3D printing technology, offering short tutorials on how they work and why they are an important tech tool. Also, the laser cutter and CNC machine will be functional offering guest insight and opportunity to enage with the equipment. Included during the day there will be demostrations and infromation provided by M4 Reactor Makerspace, Minds in Motion Childrens' Museum, First Robotics Team, Lego League and Destination Imagination. Short presentations by students will be held in the media center showcasiig their hard work and effrot with a focus on increasig their STEM knowledge and skill set. Hope to see you there!

Event Category: Arts Chemistry Earth and Space Science Engineering Life Sciences Mathematics Physics Science and Society Technology

Best for: All

Event Host

Organization: Salisbury Middle School

Contact Name: Chad Pavlekovich

Phone: 4433650723

Event Email:

Institution: Salisbury Middle School

Event Location

County: Wicomico County

Event Address
607 Morris St

Salisbury, MD  21801

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Is the Event Free? Yes

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Category: Arts, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Science and Society, Technology
County: Wicomico County
Best For: All
Start Date: 2019-11-09

Maryland STEM Festival
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The Maryland STEM festival is a month-long celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics designed to advance STEM and STEAM education. Students have the opportunity to experience engineering, mathematics, science, and technology at work through curriculum provided by regional schools, colleges, and corporations. All events on focusedon advancing math and science and encouring students to pursue STEM or STEAM careers.