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Art Contests- 2021

2021 Maryland STEM Art Contest

Congratuations to the Winners of 2021 Maryland STEM Festival Art Contest

Elementary School Category 1
1st Roma Krasichkov I’m scoring a goal.
2nd Matvey Sarr sports build a healthy character!
2nd Penelope Takemoto Monsters’ Mental Health
3rd  Andy Zhu Ninja
3rd Keshav Tyagi Victory with the Mask
3rd Sofia Mejia Letś save the world!
Elementary School Category 2
1st Ethan Jones The Sports Ball
2nd Abby Arigo Good habits and healthy habits
2nd Hawken Zink Immune Systems in a nutshell
3rd  Asher Berkebile Prevention
3rd Aiden Adams Looking Inside a Red Straw in a Cup of Milk
 Elementary School Category Video
1st  Aiden Adams Planting Veggies
2nd Dominic Tapio The Magic of Healthy Food
Middle School Category 1  
1st Neema Jones Doctors Care
2nd Devin Clary Black Lungs
2nd Emma Warner The Climb
3rd  Olivia Alba Behind the Screen
3rd Olivia Beckles Intelligent Technology
3rd Stephanie Zhu Peaceful Woods
Middle School Category 2    
1st Maddie Arigo Thank You Doctors and Nurses
2nd AIden Pantzer Showing a healthy lifestyle through Minecraft
2nd Margaret Howell Let's Read Up On Health and Wellness!"
High School Category 1  
1st Emily Xing Catching the Stomach Bug
2nd Artur Sadyrov Help
2nd Shivani Varia Heartbeats
3rd  Kayla Jones I'm Fine
3rd Olivia Wang Pretend
3rd Ximing Luo A New Beginning in the Pandemic
High School Category 2    
1st Kelly Yang Navigating Through the Pandemic
2nd Jeffrey Gao Marriotts Ridge High School
2nd Danielle Nelson Healthy Lifestyle



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Elementary School Category 1
Elementary School Category 2
High School Category 1
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Middle School Category 1
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