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Art Contests- 2021

Olivia Beckles - Intelligent Technology


OliviaBeckles StemArt 6thGrade

My drawing or picture is about how STEM can help people to see and help themselves to fix themselves physically, and be a better person healthy wise. 
 For example: The  X-ray in my drawing can help patients and doctors to see if their bones or body parts are broken and see the damage so they know what to fix. 
Another example: The COVID-19 vaccine in my drawing allows people to be  protected  from the COVID-19 virus. 
Another example: The thermometer in my drawing is allowing people to see if they have a fever which is a component for doctors to diagnose their patients with a sickness or a virus. 
Another example: The blood pressure tool in my drawing helps people to see and know their blood pressure is low or high. 
The final example: The stethoscope drawing allows doctors to hear your heartbeat to tell a patient if is fast, slow, or if you have a heart condition. 


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