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2024 Maryland STEM Festival Opening Ceremoy

2024 Maryland STEM Festival Opening Ceremony

October 19th

10:30 am-1:00 pm

John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

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The  Maryland STEM Festival is celebrating its 10th Year.   We will be opening with an exciting event at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labratory, the location where the first Opening Ceremony was held. We will have speakers, STEM activites, and of course food.  We inviting the Governor, Lt Governor and more.  Organiziations invited are listed below. 

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We are looking for sponsors for this event. Please review the sponsorship opportunites in  2024_Opening_Ceremony_Sponsorship.pdf.  For more information on Sponsorship, email us at

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The Maryland STEM festival is a month-long celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics designed to advance STEM education. Students have the opportunity to experience engineering, mathematics, science, and technology at work through curriculum provided by regional schools, colleges, and corporations. All events are focused on advancing math and science and encouring students to pursue STEM careers.