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STEM of Many Colors Evening

STEM Of Many Colors Evening

November 9, 2021


There is a critical need to address the shortage of STEM professionals and workers is to bring more minorities into the STEM world.  The Festival works diligently towards that effort.   One event the Festival has created to address this concern is the STEM of Many Colors Conversation where STEM professionals serve as role models to students from their communities.   To further our goal in this pandemic world . we are bringing Maynard Okereke, Hip Hop MD  with his unique combination of Entertainment, Culture and STEM.  

Maynard Okerek Hip Hop MD



Join us for one or both of these programs.  Maynard Okereke's program starts at 6:00 pm.  The STEM of Many Colors Conversation begins at 7:00 pm.

Encourage minorities students you and their families that you know to join us as well.

We want to thank our sponsors to helping us fund this evening.

Wendy Slaughternwf

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