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November 9th

The National Security Agency has partnered with LifeJourney on an initiative called the NSA Day of Cyber designed to raise awareness and the “National IQ” for cybersecurity education. NSA is sponsoring the program to introduce and inspire the more than 40 million students in middle school, high school and college to pursue CYBER and STEM careers. The NSA Day of Cyber experience introduces students to the skills they need to build that will open up their future and prepare them for the in-demand digital workforce.
The NSA Day of Cyber is an interactive, self-guided, and fully automated cyber education awareness experience, which runs on the LifeJourney platform. This cloud-based platform enables students to test-drive cyber careers and live a day in the life of six leading NSA cyber professionals. (Promotional Video)  Go to

November 4th

George Washington Carver STEAM SUNRISE InVenTures-

In this statewide earth/space InVenTure, participants will use digital photography to track sunrise points along an identified horizon during the STEM Festival. They will compare and contrast sunrise times with other participants throughout Maryland. They will also investigate the science and art of sunrise color phenomena and explore its applications to sunrise photography. Actual event times depend upon participants locations.

George Washington Carver STEAM SUNSET InVenTures-

In this statewide earth/space InVenTure, participants will use digital photography to track sunset points along an identified horizon during the STEM Festival. They will compare and contrast sunset times with other participants throughout Maryland. They will also investigate the science and art of sunset color phenomena and explore its applications to sunset photography. Actual event times depend upon participants locations.


STEM@NASA Goddard: MD STEMFest 2016 | November 7-10, 1pm EST

Join NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for STEM@NASA Goddard: MD STEMFest 2016!  During November 7-10 at 1:00-1:30PM Eastern, you will have the opportunity to interact live with scientists and engineers as they discuss how they practice STEM in their careers.  Each day will highlight a letter in STEM: Science Monday, Technology Tuesday, Engineering Wednesday, and Math Thursday.  These events will be streamed live on NASA’s Ustream channel, and participants will be able to interact live with the guest speakers via email and Twitter.  For more information and to express interest in participating, please contact Erin McKinley at


STEM Shorts with NASA Goddard | November 7-10, 10am EST

Explore solar eclipses with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center through our NEW STEM Shorts digital program! To celebrate The Maryland STEM Festival and the upcoming 2017 Solar Eclipse, we will focus on a different STEM aspect of a solar eclipse each day. Each presentation will be a brief (15 min) informational lesson followed by live question and answer from the audience. Questions can be submitted twitter (@GSFCEducation #STEMShorts) or email ( Please contact Lindsey Jones at for more information or general inquiries about the program.



When: Monday to Thursday, November 7-10, 2016, 10:00-10:30 am EST

Monday               Science: The Science of the Sun

Tuesday               Technology: Technology Studying the Earth and our Solar System

Wednesday         Engineering: Designing a Satellite

Thursday              Math: How does math relate to the solar eclipse?



NASA Goddard’s Solar Eclipse Spotlight Digital Badge for Educators | November 4-13, at your own pace!

Are you interested in expanding your STEM knowledge and enhancing your teaching practices? Would you benefit from acknowledgements of your work? Digital badging is an online professional development process for certifying learning. The NASA STEM EPDC Digital Badging System allows you to select from a wide variety of STEM topics, engage in exciting learning opportunities, demonstrate your mastery of the topic, and receive a badge of accomplishment for your work that you can share with others of your choosing. Make sure to check out the latest NASA Goddard Solar Eclipse Spotlight 2017 badge to learn background information, participate in activities, and prepare to share you students with information on the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! Additionally, all educators that complete this digital badge by November 13th will have the opportunity for priority scheduling to take part in a Solar Eclipse 2017 module from NASA’s Distance Learning Network.  This unique, web-based interactive classroom experience will connect your students with NASA education experts.

To sign up, visit and use the login buttons to begin exploring this digital badge as well as other exciting professional development opportunities available to you through the NASA STEM EPDC Digital Badging System.  Please contact Kelly Kohli at for questions or additional information. This special edition digital badge is also available throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

NASA Distance Learning Network’s NEW Interactive Classroom Experience- Our Magnificent Sun: Solar Eclipse 2017 Edition | November 4-13, scheduling options available!

What is the Sun? What are sunspots? Science begins with questions and children have many. This web-based, interactive classroom program is now available for both our younger audience, specially designed for kindergarten through second grade, as well as upper elementary and middle school.

Our Magnificent Sun for the younger grades will help students answer their questions about the Sun in a highly interactive session. The children will illustrate features of the Sun by participating in a story time. Come along and learn about the Sun with NASA.

With the solar eclipse of 2017 approaching, Our Magnificent Sun for the upper grades uses the teachable moment to introduce Space Weather and answer questions students might have about a solar eclipse.

Please visit to sign up for this Interactive Classroom experience or to review the other topics the DLN covers that are available to you. Contact Lindsey Jones at for additional information or questions. This special edition module is also available throughout the 2016-2017 school year.


NASA EPDC’s “NASA Technology in your Classroom: Solar Eclipse 2017” Educator Professional Development Webinar | November 10th, 4-5pm EST

Join NASA Education Specialists and other educators around the country in a live webinar on November 10th at 4:00-5:00pm EST to receive hands-on Solar Eclipse 2017 activities for the K-12 classroom.  All participants will receive a NASA certificate for their participation. The NASA Educator Professional Development Collaborative (EPDC) is comprised of and designed to serve STEM Educators at all levels including university pre-service educators, pre-service teachers, K-12 teachers, and informal educators.

Visit to register for the November 10th NASA Technology in your Classroom: Solar Eclipse 2017 webinar. You can also visit to learn about additional educator professional development webinars available from EPDC throughout the year

NASA Goddard at 4H College Park’s “Science Adventures” | November 12th, 9am-12pm

Participants will explore NASA’s GLOBE’s new GLOBE Observer app as well as exploring earth science research being conducted at NASA Goddard. Visit for more information and to register.

NASA Goddard and GLOBE present “Maryland-wide Eyes on the Skies”

Join NASA Goddard, NASA’s GLOBE program (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment), classrooms, clubs, families, individuals, and other citizen scientists across Maryland on Wednesday, November 9th throughout the day to join in a state-wide day of citizen science! GLOBE Observer ( invites you to make environmental observations that complement NASA satellite observations to help scientists studying Earth and the global environment. Version 1.1 includes GLOBE Clouds, which allows you to photograph clouds and record sky observations and compare them with NASA satellite images. GLOBE is now the major source of human observations of clouds, which provide more information than automated systems. All data submitted is viewable on the GLOBE Program Visualization System (

New and current users across Maryland are encouraged to participate on November 9. Recommended observation hours are between 10:00AM-3:00PM. To learn more, check out the GLOBE Clouds training ( To find out more about the GLOBE program, go to Have questions about participating in the MD statewide observation day on November 9? Contact Katherine Bender at

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