You asked for it, We listened!  By Popular Demand we have extended the Festival from ten to thirteen days!!!

3rd Maryland STEM Festival

October 31st- November 12, 2017, Everywhere in Maryland!!!!

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Bringing STEM To You

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math related resources, professionals, and activities are sprouting up all over. The Festival serves as a central hub for those events & resources to be highlighted all over the state!

Photos from Maryland STEM Festival's post NASA had quite a presence at Artscape
Maryland STEM Festival added 2 new photos.
Giant lizards on Streets of Baltimore-more fun Artscape!
One of the most popular sites at Artscape, the misting tent.
Rain is usually the farmer's friend except on Fair Day from the Washington County Ag Expo and Fair
Can we ever have too many fireflies? Who hasn't chased fireflies? Seemed like an appropriate summertime story.
Museum uses micro explosions to save fine art from bird poop Never though museum, explosion and poop in the same headlines
Science, Labor and Art had been living outdoors for more than a decade. They endured autumn rains and winter winds. In the springtime, pollen clung to their bodies and ...
R u ready for a Star Wars Hotel? Disney thinks we r
The Tiniest Star Ever Found In The Milky Way Galaxy It is hard to think of a star as tiny, but is all relative
Astronomers discovered the tiniest star every found and dubbed it as EBLM J0555-57Ab.
For my friend John, who faints at the sight of needles
We know ravens can plan. You don't win a Super Bowl without planning

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