You asked for it, We listened!  By Popular Demand we have extended the Festival from ten to thirteen days!!!

3rd Maryland STEM Festival

October 31st- November 12, 2017, Everywhere in Maryland!!!!

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Bringing STEM To You

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math related resources, professionals, and activities are sprouting up all over. The Festival serves as a central hub for those events & resources to be highlighted all over the state!

Kicking off STEM Fest at the annual celebration of Morgan State's Pax Environment & Aquatic Research Lab @MorganStateU
Flatworm Travels to Space With One Head, Comes Back With Two - D-brief This is reminds me of a 50's horror film, flatworm comes back from space with two heads
A flatworm that was cut in half and sent to space regenerated another head instead of a tail. It could help us ...
Had great discussion w/ Britta Vanderlinden, Gov's Dep. Chief of Staff! More support coming from the State! Much Thanks! @MDBiz
Happy Summer Solstice!!!
Stephen Hawking: "I Am Convinced That Humans Need to Leave Earth" Is it really time to leave the planet! Are you ready?
Speaking at the Starmus Festival in Trondheim, he spoke about the importance of a lunar mission as a stepping stone for getting us to Mars and beyond.
Are you ready for a 3D printed tire? They're not far off
Happy Father's Day
Getting a behind the scene of Firefly . The logistics are amazing
NASA's Curiosity Rover Traces Ancient Environmental Changes on Mars Curiosity found location of a lake was once on Mars!
The latest research suggests with even more certainty that Mars was once habitable, while revealing striking mineralogical diversity on the Red Planet.
Attended meeting discussing Carroll County big Festival happenings involving @carrolltech @libraryccpl and more
WAMU's 1A had g8 program on Blue Collar jobs. Hope it gets people revved up for our Blue Collar STEM conference on 11/6 @wamu885

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