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The Maryland STEM Festival, Inc. (MSF) has been established to operate the Festival. The mission of the Festival is to encourage all students regardless of background and experience to take a greater interest in STEM with the hope they will pursue a STEM related/focused career.

The MSF works for an entire year recruiting as many organizations as it can to participate in the Festival, such as libraries, museums, public and private schools, colleges, universities, government agencies and private companies.

Bring the Festival
The Maryland STEM Festival Board of Directors include:

Sam Cohen, NEA

Marty Leshin, Varentech, Inc.

Phil Rogofsky, Maryland STEM Festival

Weida Steocker, Maryland Department of Agriculture

Dorothy Stotlz, Carroll County Public Library

Zulma Whitford, St. Louis School

What is STEM?

While some see STEM in a very narrow light, MSF sees STEM in the broadest of terms. We see it including all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. That means, it may include robotics, agriculture, biotechnology, zoology, or cybersecurity. We see STEM is every aspect of life.  We feel many people do not realize all the ways they interact with STEM.



STEM is not for any particular group;

STEM is for all!

2018 Maryland STEM Festival Spotlight

In 2017, the Festival began spotlighting a specific area of STEM by featuring agriculture and STEM. 

This year, the spotlight will be on Military Careers and their uses of STEM.  Some of these careers and jobs are performed by active duty Armed Forces members Others are within Civilian Government Agencies and Private Corporations.  

The following is just a very short list of the many Military STEM careers:


Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers

Meteorologists and Oceanographers



Computer Science and Cryptology Technicians


Surprisingly, there are numerous everyday products that were invented by the Military that people may not realize they are STEM-related, such as:

The Internet



Aviator Glasses

Duct Tape

Disposable Razors

Synthetic Rubber Tires

Super Glue

Canned Food

Epi Pens

With the encouragement of STEM jobs, the development of STEM education, and the inspiration of our students, we will give Maryland a vibrant STEM economy to make us a national leader in the 21st century economy.

Come explore STEM and learn about Military related STEM Careers and uses at this year’s Festival.  

We Will Inspire the Next Generation of STEM Leaders!

Our logo was created by Ashleigh Kilgour, a student at Stevenson University.

Ashleigh was one of over 15 applicants who submitted multiple designs for consideration. Her design was chosen because it embodied the sentiment that STEM is within the person. The colors of the 2015 Maryland STEM Festival represent the diversity in design and color of the Maryland state flag.

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