Signature Events

What are Signature Events??? While, the overwhelming major of events are run by a variety of organizations across the state, there are several events which are created and run by the Festival Leadership.  The events run by the Festival Leadership are called Signature Events.


2nd Agriculture and STEM Summit, October 26th, Salisbury University.-CLOSED EVENT

Most people don’t realize how dependent Agriculture is on STEM. The Summit will include two discussion panels and activity tables to show the connection between agriculture and STEM to area Middle School Students.


Virtual HS Cyber Competition, October 27th, Multiple Locations, 1-4

your skills against High School students across the state in this virtual competition.  Teams of four will register to show their stuff and win prizes.


HS Girls Military STEM Careers, , November 1st, Oxon Hill High School, 6 pm

There are many great STEM Careers in the Military snd they are not just for boys.  Come here several current and past female military personnel talk about their careers.  Booths will also describe the opportunties availabl

STEM of Many Colors, November 10th, Wilde Lake High School, 10 am- 2 pm

This event will show minority students that there are many STEM Professionals from their Community.  It will bring together minority STEM Professionals from around the area to provide inspiration and role models to the students.   This event is being co-present by the Howard Chapter of the NAACP.




Event Flyers

African American STEM Awareness Event
Hispanic STEM Awareness Event