The 2019 Maryland STEM Festival is a wrap!

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We Bring the Festival to You

The Maryland STEM Festival, Inc. (MSF) has been established to operate the Festival. The mission of the Festival is to encourage all students regardless of background and experience to take a greater interest in STEM with the hope they will pursue a STEM related/focused career.

The MSF works for an entire year recruiting as many organizations as it can to participate in the Festival, such as libraries, museums, public and private schools, colleges, universities, government agencies and private companies.

What is STEM?

While some see STEM in a very narrow light, MSF sees STEM in the broadest of terms. We see it including all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. That means, it may include robotics, agriculture, biotechnology, zoology, or cybersecurity. We see STEM is every aspect of life. We feel many people do not realize all the ways they interact with STEM.

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In 2019 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon (July 19, 1969) and the 60th Anniversary of the Goddard Space Flight Center (March 1, 1959) by designating the Festival's theme as "Space and Flight". Events are encouraged, but not required to use the theme. These are broad topics that cover an enormous number of areas. Animals, Insects, and other living things fly. Numerous health and medical advances have been made by research conducted in Space. Be Creative!

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